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I offer a range of services from sports specific training, to post-natal recovery. I tailor my services to your needs and ensure your goals come first. Above all, I strive to nurture a cooperative relationship with my clients. This means regular check-ins, accurate nutrition advice, and a versatile training program. You can see some of the services I provide below.

Weight Loss and Body Toning
The dieting industry is a multi-million pound industry that promises great results but delivers very little. Traditional dieting and weight loss programs focus heavily on selling you the latest weight-loss 'secret'.

The reality is that effective, sustainable weight loss is actually very simple...

The technique I often practise with my clients is a gradual reduction in weight of 1kg per week. Embracing a lifestyle shift rather than an unproven fad means long-term results!
Corporate Fitness Training
We all know that a healthy work/life balance can be very difficult to sustain in modern life. Ensuring your employees maintain their mental and physical health not only improves productivity and retention, but creates a happy and more motivated dynamic amongst your teams.

My Corporate Fitness Training package is geared towards team oriented fitness sessions, goal setting and nutritional recommendations.

A happier workplace is the foundation for a successful company.
Acceptance and Commitment Therapy
I am a big fan of the ACT process which revolves arounds six core principles:

Connect with the present moment -> Know what matters -> Do what it takes -> Pure awareness -> Watch your thinking -> Open up

These fundamental principles are building blocks towards increasing psychological flexibility and the acceptance of your thoughts whilst learning how to embrace them.
Sport Specific Fitness
Are you looking to drastically improve your game? Do you feel that your fitness prevents you from progressing in your sport? I conduct extensive research and analyse the specific movement patterns for your sport. I will design a training regime that will develop muscular strength and endurance, and increase your chances of sporting success.

Coincidentally, I'm an ex-county squash champion and a keen cyclist - I understand what it takes to get better at your sport, and thrive in a competitive environment.
Sports Psychology
The best athletes and performers in the world all have one thing in common - excellent control of their minds. They all know how to manage stress & anxiety under pressure, whilst maintaining concentration. Working together using proven techniques such as NLP, we can channel your inner athlete ensuring that you're always in the zone.

My Sports Psychology programmes are all-encompassing and can be targeted towards team sports, as well as individuals.
Mindfulness Based Cognitive Therapy
Combining cognitive therapy with behavioural techniques, along with mindfulness strategies - we can help to better understand and manage thoughts, emotions and achieve relief from feelings of distress.

I am a fully qualified therapeutic counsellor and a member of BACP. I am passionate about mindfulness and became a practitioner to share my knowledge and help others.

It's incredibly rewarding to see my client overcome their anxieties and lead more fulfilling lives.
other services
If you're looking for a more specific service, my skills and experience are extensive and I cover a wide range of different subjects not mentioned above - some of the additional tailor made programmes I offer include:
  • Lower Back Rehabilitation
  • Pre & Post Natal Fitness
  • Meditation
  • Stress Management
  • Trauma Incident Reduction
  • Smoking Cessation
  • And more...
Above all else, I always prioritise my clients needs and will do my best to go above & beyond, understanding exactly how to target and accomplish your goals.

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